Teltonika Router

The manufacturer TELTONIKA builds high-performance, reliable and durable 4G and 5G routers and gateways. The routers are suitable for use in private households, on boats or in campers as well as for commercial / industrial purposes such as use in vehicle fleets, coaches, for remote control of photovoltaic or biogas systems, in vending machines or in industrial plants. The large range of functions of the TELTONIKA router enables a wide range of uses.

In particular, the enormous range of functions of the TELTONIKA router brings a high added value. The routers can be fully managed via cloud platform using the RMS system. Another feature is the comprehensive VPN services (server and client) that can be used on all TELTONIKA devices. The extremely robust housing and the hardware design ensure a long service life for the router.

TELTONIKA produces high-quality routers and accessories for mobile data connections such as 4G, 3G and also in the field of GPS tracking. The 4G routers from TELTONIKA are characterized by a high level of functionality, a very good hardware concept and a long service life. From our own experience, we can see that we encounter a very low rate of errors or defects in a large number of items.

As a special feature, the models TELTONIKA RUT950, RUT955, RUTX09 and RUTX11 have a dual SIM slot and a so-called failover function. Two SIM cards from different providers can be inserted. If the network coverage of the provider 1 at the location is insufficient or even absent, the TELTONIKA 4G router can be configured to automatically switch to the data connection of the provider 2. The situation is similar with the data volume. Should the data volume of the SIM card of provider 1 be exhausted, it is possible to automatically switch to the data connection of provider 2. With the TELTONIKA 4G routers  you have the possibility to set up a fail-safe highly reliable 4G data connection.

Additional features such as a classic firewall, DynDNS client, OpenVPN server and client or a reboot function via SMS are the absolute standard at TELTONIKA. Furthermore, all 4G router models from TELTONIKA have the option to mount them on a DIN rail system by using an DIN rail adapter. This is how the TELTONIKA also use the router especially in the industrial sector.

All TELTONIKA 4G or 3G routers each have an external antenna connection for use with an external 3G or 4G antenna. Thus, even with weak network coverage by the provider, a stable and high-performance data connection can be established.

Another TELTONIKA innovation is the RMS system (Remote Management System). With this dedicated paid service, you can manage, locate and monitor any number of TELTONIKA routers, such as the RUT230, RUT240, RUT950, RUT955, RUTX09 or RUTX11, through a single, centralized platform. Especially in commercial operation, such as operators of gas plants, solar systems or large vehicle fleets, the RMS offers a huge advantage and added value in terms of monitoring. This allows you to view performance data, perform firmware updates, monitor security parameters, and Devices can also be restarted individually.

The router model TELTONIKA RUT955 is additionally equipped with special interfaces. The RUT955 offers I / O, GNSS and RS232 / RS485 ports for professional applications.

Our conclusion to the TELTONIKA routers: Extremely good price-performance ratio, low rate of errors or defects, high functionality. Thus, 4G routers from TELTONIKA are always a good choice in private as well as professional or industrial applications.

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