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4G / 3G / GSM

Although the 3G and 4G network coverage increased in the last years, there is often the situation where the 3G/4G coverage is quite bad and you have a real weak connection, a slow bandwith or your 3G/4G connection interrupts.

We offer high quality 3G/4G equipment to solve these issues. We offer 3G dongle with external antenna connector, 3G routes, coaxial adapter antenna cables and high gain 3G and 4G antennas.

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4G Antennas

Using a high gain 4G antenna helps you to increase the...

3G Antennas

Using a high gain 3G antenna will improve the signal...

3G / 4G USB Dongle

Insert your SIM card, plug it into any PC or laptop through...

3G / 4G Router

A 3G router offers the possibility to build up a 3G...

Antenna Cable / Adapter

You need a Antenna cable to connect an 3G/UMTS antenna to...

Mounting Hardware

We offer different kinds of mounting hardware and mounting...


TELTONIKA builds powerful, reliable and durable 3G / 4G routers...

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4G Rundstrahlantenne 12dBi, 800/1800/2600MHz Multi-Band,...

JARFT 4G / LTE Omni Antenna | 12dBi, 800/1800/2600MHz Multiband, Outdoor

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Available now!
TELTONIKA RUT230 3G / UMTS Router | 2.4GHz WLAN, SIM...

TELTONIKA RUT230 3G Router | 2.4GHz WiFi, SIM Slot, UMTS, OpenVPN, DynDNS

98,29 € *
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TELTONIKA RUT955 4G / LTE Router | Industrial, Dual SIM, WiFi, 150/50 Mbps LTE, OpenVPN, DynDNS

209,99 € *
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