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UniFi Accesspoints

The Ubiquiti UniFi System is an innovative solution for a high performance, scalable WiFi network with 100% zero handoff roaming functionality. You can use as many UniFi Accesspoints as you like or need.

The Accesspoints are controlled by the UniFi controller-software. The controller-software is free of any charge, offers a flexible configuration off all the connected UniFi Accesspoints and also integrates a HotSpot function with voucher system.

Ubiquiti offers differenrt UniFi Accesspoints: UniFi UAP (standard version), UAP-LR (long range version), UAP-PRO (2.4 / 5GHz dual-band version), UAP-AC (Standard, Lite, LR, PRO), UAP Outdoor+ (outdoor version), UAP-AC Outdoor (AC outdoor version).

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