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Antenna Cable / Adapter

You need a Antenna cable to connect an 3G/UMTS antenna to your UMTS device.

The industry uses many different kinds of connectors like SMA, SSMB, CRC9, TS9,MC-Card. We decided to offer ONE standard cable and several specific coaxial pigtails (adapters) to be able to connect the standard cable to all the different 3G/UMTS devices with their different connectors. Just have a look at the product details of the coax pigtails...you will find a list of compatible devices for each pigtail.

There are only a few exceptions. Some of our antennas already have a cable and FME female connector. You dont need any extra antenna cable here. You can directly use the coaxial pigtail to connect these antennas to your 3G/UMTS modem.

There is also our UMTS Yagi cable which is explicit for our high gain Yagi antenna. This cable also fits to all the coaxial pigtails.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask us!

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