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4G Antennas

By using an 4G antenna (whether indoor or outdoor 4F antenna) you can strengthen your 4G connection significantly. This increases the signal strength, the signal stability and thus the transmission rate of your 4G connection.

The 4G signal is generally transmitted via three different frequency bands (800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz). We offer suitable 4G antennas for all mentioned frequency bands. Alternatively, you can also find so-called Multiband 4G antennas. These cover all frequency bands simultaneously and can therefore be used as a universal 4G antenna.

The offered LTE antennas generally fit all common LTE routers like e.g. Telekom Speedport Hybrid, LTE, LTE II / 2, B1000, B2000 or Speedbox LTE IV. Vodafone B1000 or B2000, GigaCube LTE or R218, O2 Homebox and HomeSpot 4G routers as well as further provider independent LTE routers such as the TELTONIKA RUT240, RUT950, RUT955, RUTX09 or RUTX11, the Huawei B525 or B315, TP-Link M7650 4G router and many more.

In general, the higher the power gain (expressed in dBi) of an LTE antenna, the higher the range of the antenna.
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