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4G Omnidirectional Indoor Antenna | 9dBi, Multi-Band, 3m Cable, CRC9 / TS9

Item number: ART6416

This multiband 4G indoor omni antenna achieves a performance gain of up to 9dBi and increases the signal strength of your 4G connection. The 4G omni antenna is suitable for all frequency bands used in Europe. The 3m antenna cable is equipped with CRC-9 / TS-9 connectors (both included) so that this 4G antenna can be used on almost all 4G surfsticks with external antenna connector.

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This compact omnidirectional multi band indoor 4G antenna is designet for 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz frequency and has a gain of up to 9dBi. The 4G antenna helps you to improve your 3G / 4G connection. Using this omni 4G antenna will increase the signal strenght, quality and bandwidth of your 4G connection.

Its magnet base has 3m of RG-174 coaxial cable with CRC9 / TS9 connector. This 4G antenna is compatible to the most popular, available LTE surfsticks.

Compatible 4G Dongles:
    • E392, E397, E398
    • E589
    • E3272, E3276, E3372
    • E3372
    • E5372, E5373, E5375, E5377
    • E55577
    • E5756, E5775, E5776, E5786
    • E8278, E8372
    • EC3372-871

    • Flare
    • MF75
    • MF90, MF91, MF91D, MF91S, MF91T
    • MF93D, MF93E, MF95
    • MF821D, MF821, MF825C, MF827
    • MF910

    • Aircard 313u, 340u, 341u
    • Aircard 771s, 781s, 782s
    • Aircard 778s, 785s
    • Aircard 810
    • AC785-100EUS

    Sierra Aircard
    • 320u, 330u
    • 754s
    • 763s, 762s, 763s
    • 770s

    • R215, R212
    • K5150, K5005
    • K5006Z
    • Gigacube

    • Speedstick LTE
    • Speedstick LTE III
    • Speedstick LTE V

    Technical Details:

    Type of Antenna: Omnidirectional Antenna
    Gain: 9dBi
    Impedance: 50 Ohm
    Frequency: 800-960 MHz (GSM, 4G)
    1710-2170 MHz (3G, 4G)
    2500-2700 MHz (3G, 4G)
    VSWR: max. 2
    Polarisation: Vertical (Linear)
    Cable: 2 x 3m RG-174
    Connectors: 2 x CRC9 / TS9
    Appliance: Indoor
    Dimensions: Antennas: 28cm
    Magnet Base: 9,5cm diameter
    Weight: 260g
    Color: Black

    Scope of delivery:

    1 x 9dBi 4G omni antenna with magnet-base, 2 x 3m cable, CRC9 / TS9 connector

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In- or Outdoor Antenna:
5G Ready:
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Product weight: 0,26 Kg

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