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  • You want your house or flat covered with a WiFi signal? You want to share your Internet connection with your neighbour? But your WiFi Signal does not have enough range or you always have a weak signal?
  • You would like to connect two or more houses to each other to share data?
  • You are on trip with your boat or yacht, driving with your caravan, staying at a hotel but you get no connection to the next WiFi HotSpot?
  • You are searching a way to improve the quality, signal strength and bandwidth of your 3G or LTE connection?

No problem! We are experts for WiFi, Ethernet, 3G and LTE networks based in Hamburg, Germany. Since 2008, for now more than 5 years we sell solutions and equipment for wired and wireless networks to private and business customers worldwide.

If you have any question about our products and services or if you need some help to find the right solutions for your needs, please feel free to contact and ask us. Please use our contact form.

We ship fast, we ship worldwide!!