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Wireless WiFi and wired networks as well as GSM, 3G and 4G connections, for private or business customers - since 2008, we have been supporting our customers worldwide to find the right solution.

There is always more than one way - that is well known. If you wish, let us take you by the hand and we will bring you to your destination together with you. Just use our contact form, our customer chat or our hotline and describe your request as detailed as possible. An answer will not be long in coming.


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JARFT 4G Directional Panel Antenna | 14dBi, 800/1800/2600MHz Multiband, Outdoor

starting from 49,99 € *
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UMTS, GSM Rundstrahlantenne

3G, GSM Omni Adhesive Antenna | 2dBi, 0.5m Cable, CRC-9 plug

1,49 € *
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Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5-400 / PBE-M5-400 | 5 GHz, 25dBi,...

Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5-400 / PBE-M5-400 | 5 GHz, 25dBi, Outdoor, 802.11n, 300Mbps

69,99 € *
Available now!
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UMTS Antenne / Richtantenne

3G Directional Antenna | 18dBi, Yagi, Outdoor, 10m Cable, SMA male

37,99 € *
Short supply
Deliberant APC 5M | 5GHz, WLAN Accesspoint, 2x2 MIMO,...

Deliberant APC 5M | 5GHz, Wi-Fi Accesspoint, 2x2 MIMO, Outdoor, 300Mbps

54,99 € *
Short supply